Egg yolks are good for you

It has been a myth for quite a while, that egg yolks have nothing but negative impact on your health and should be discarded by all the health freaks.

Believe it not, but the yolk contains more than two thirds of the egg’s nutrition. Even protein found in the whites is pretty useless without the yolk’s amino acids balancing out the nutrients to make them more recognizable by our digestive system.

Yolks contain more than 90% of the calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thiamin, B6, folate, and B12, and panthothenic acid of the egg. In addition, the yolks contain all of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K in the egg.

Egg yolks are full of cholesterol. You need this cholesterol as it is the building block of hormones and helps repair damaged cells in the body. Cholesterol itself does not cause heart disease. In fact, while LDL, a major carrier of cholesterol in the blood, does have a role in heart disease, it is when poor metabolism, deficient diets, and toxins destroy the LDL particle that heart disease develops.

A study at the University of Alberta, home to one of the world’s leading food-science programs, discovered that cooked whole eggs, yolk and all, are equal to apples in their antioxidant potency, and these robust antioxidant properties may actually help ward off heart disease and cancer.

Additionally, eating only egg whites can cause a biotin deficiency, biotin is the vitamin that gives us strong nails and beautiful hair.

For the future, if you ever wonder if some food is good or bad for you, there is this simple rule to follow. If the widely-used food product comes 100% from nature and wasn’t modified by the human hand in any way, then all it can bring you is good health.

Become pretty before losing weight

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails lately from teenage girls, who feel very insecure about their looks. They keep sending me pictures of themselves and asking if they should lose weight, telling me how the boy they like rejected them and now all they can think of is how they want to be skinny and finally be attractive.
I look at the pictures in my inbox and I see dry, shaggy hair, acne, metal braces, clothes that look like they’ve been washed at least a hundred times and had never seen an ironing board, chewed up nails with chipping nail polish. You girls must think that once you lose weight you’ll go from ugly duckling to a princess. I have to disappoint you, but there’s a lot more to be done in order to look and feel breathtaking. There are so many things you need to do before losing weight. There’s nothing less attractive, than a sloppy, messy girl.

1. Take care of your hair. Hair is a woman’s pride and a big part of feminineness.

-Buy a shampoo according to your hair type (dry, greasy, normal). Use a conditioner every time after shampooing.

-Get a deep moisturizing mask and leave it on for at least 10 minutes once a week after shampooing. If your hair is really dry, try to avoid flat irons, blow driers, curling irons and coloring.

-Go to the hairdresser and cut off all the split ends.

-Start using a leave-in conditioner.

-Never let your hair stay frizzy and messy. Rub some hair gel between your hands and put in on your hair for a sleeker look.

2. Get your nails done. Not everyone can afford a monthly manicure, but going to get your nails done once every 3 moths is enough.

-Get your own manicure set, watch some video tutorials on YouTube and take care of the nails yourself.

-When nail polish starts coming off, cover that spot with a new layer or clean the polish off completely. Don’t go out in public with chipping nails.

-Buy good quality nail polish, so it wouldn’t come off so quickly and look less messy. I use Orly and China Glaze nail polish. It’s not too expensive and lasts pretty long. -Always apply a topcoat to make the polish last longer.

-Use a glass or paper nail file instead of a metal one.

3. Get the perfect smile.
-If your teeth are yellow, go to a dentist and order a home bleaching kit. It’s cheaper than  laser treatment at the dentist’s office and works a lot better too.

-If you’re thinking of getting your teeth straightened, then you should consider getting Invisalign. It’s barely noticeable and you get results much faster than wearing those nasty metal braces. You also have to take it out every time you eat and brush your teeth before putting it back in, which might help to discourage constant snacking.

4. Purify your face.
-Use a good quality face wash once a day to treat acne and any skin impurities.

-Get a facial mask and use it once a week for deep cleaning. I love The Body Shop products. I would recommend them for hair and face treatments. As I always say, you can either hide your skin problems under make up, or you can just get rid of them and feel naturally pretty.

-If you do use make up, be sure to clean your face thoroughly before going to bed.

5. Remove unwanted body hair (legs, armpits, bikini zone).
Use an epilator. It might be painful the first time you use it, but then hair grows back thinner and weaker, becoming less noticeable. It also grows back in 1-2 weeks, which is a lot  less annoying than shaving every other day. Just don’t use it on your bikini lines.

6. Keep your clothes looking new.
-Try to wash clothes after wearing them at least 3 times (except underwear). The more you wash them, the more old, warn and color faded they look.

-Wear an undershirt and wash it as often as you want.
Instead of washing clothes too often, shower at least once a day.

-Iron almost everything you wear. Look neat and tidy at all times.
Instead of having a couple of outfits you wear all the time, buy more clothes and rotate them or mix things up, to avoid frequent washing. Even the cheapest ironed new clothes will look better than a warn, faded and wrinkly designer outfit.

-Even if you’re overweight, don’t wear clothes that are too loose and baggy or look too small on you. Try to be up to date with fashion.
Torrid - Plus Size Women's Fashion
 has a really nice selection of plus size clothing.

7. Be proud of radiant skin.
-If your skin is dry, use body lotion or baby oil every time after showering.

-Also use foot and hand lotion separately.

-Never go outside on a sunny day without sunscreen. Exposure to sun over time might lead to skin cancer, also the UV rays make your skin age faster. If you don’t have time to put it on or don’t want to get your clothes dirty, then at least put it on your face. The SPF has to be at least 30. I’m a big fan of Neutrogena Ultimate Sport SPF 70.

Make your own weights at home

To get a toned body the best exercises are when you’re using your own weight for resistance, such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc., and for weight loss nothing beats a good cardio workout. If you feel like you want to get that extra muscle mass, there is no necessity to get a gym membership. Training weights can be made at your own home and with little expense. Just find some (or buy at a store) different size bottles lying around the house.

-For really small weights you can use unopened soup/vegetable cans.

-To go a bit bigger, take a 0.5 liter plastic soda bottle and fill it up with water. The larger the bottle, the bigger the weight.

-To make a kettle ball, use a 2 gallon/4 liter milk jug or detergent jug. If filling bottles with water doesn’t make a heavy enough weight, then try sand or rocks instead. 2 gallons of water weigh about 8 pounds.

-To make a medicine ball, buy a cheap basketball. You can get one for about 5$ at chain stores like Walmart or Target. Cut a hole in the ball and fill it up with sand. Then tape the hole and the entire ball with gorilla tape, which costs around 8$. Put a lot of tape on the ball, so that the sand wouldn’t spill and the ball wouldn’t tear. Now you have yourself a 12-13 pound medicine ball.

tumblr and thinspo

On there are hundreds or maybe thousands of weight loss blogs. Although the word “blog” might not be the most suitable one. It’s a community of young girls posting pictures of anorexic women or super skinny models in provocative hipster outfits or lingerie. They’re the center of admiration and the ultimate motivation of what a perfect body image should be.

Then there are those acronyms: (SW) starting weights, (CW) current weight, (GW) goal weight, (UGW) ultimate goal weight…

The girls like to make a list of every single thing they eat throughout the day, which is normally followed by misery and guilt saying how they binge/purge and can’t look in the mirror after they’re done. They blame themselves for being weak, ugly and having no friends because of the way they look.

It really breaks my heart to see all the suffering and pain. I just want to tell each and every one of them to stop stressing out so much. It didn’t take one week to gain all that weight, so why should it take a week to lose it? Those sad promises to yourself, that “tomorrow I will change all of my bad habits, start eating healthy and exercising 4 times per week” are unrealistic. No one can change what they’ve been doing for all of their lives in just one day. It takes time, patience, taking small steps, learning what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s all that panic and high expectations that make losing weight into a lifestyle or even the purpose of life. I believe it’s a lot easier if you focus on other things while changing your eating habits. Otherwise you’ll end up sitting at home, looking at the clock and counting down how many hours are left until you lose half a pound. Get out there, find hobbies that help you express yourself. Don’t count your calories, hours, days or pounds. Pretend like you don’t even care and let the results surprise you in a couple of months.