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The Vegetable Antidote

Hearing the word antidote makes you instantly think of a remedy for some kind of poisoning. When you think about it, food can be either your best source of energy and good health or it can be your worst poison, slowly killing you day by day.

People say that to change a habit you need to have some kind of special thought in your head. A thought that would help you follow your goal and check if you’re still on the right track. I came up with this game for people who are trying to change their eating habits for the better.

Now you should think of all of the food as your poison, except for vegetables, which will be your antidote. Every time you eat a main course consisting of chicken, turkey, pasta, beef, fish, rice etc. you will need to eat at least one vegetable (potatoes don’t count) to save you from poisoning yourself.

This game might sound a bit ridiculous at first, but the truth is that vegetables are at the second level of the healthy food pyramid. Foods high in carbohydrates will always be at the bottom, because they are our main energy source, while fruit and vegetables provide most of the necessary vitamins and become significant helpers with digesting the heavy carbs. They are one of the most essential things your body needs. Without eating vegetables, most of the time you will feel sluggish, tired for no reason, sleepy, depressed and not wanting to do anything, or maybe even sick. So this game could turn out to be more serious and realistic than you might think. Vegetables help with balancing out our digestive system and even our mental health. Despite that carbs are a source of energy, they are also the number one thing that makes you gain weight when consumed in large amounts.