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Popular weight loss program reviews

  Weight loss programs are getting more and more popular every day. Studies show, that Americans have been on a low-fat diet for over 30 years now, but are only getting fatter every year. Since the demand for weight loss plans is rising, you can’t help but notice programs like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Nutri System etc. taking over the media. I’m sure they work for some people, but the more you take it into the extreme, the harder and more unpleasant it gets to follow it.

  I did a bit of research on these programs and I have to admit that Weight Watchers Points Plus Program makes the most sense to me. As I understand, the person trying to lose weight can eat pretty much anything he/she likes. All foods have their value in points, which you add together as you eat throughout the day. The idea is not to exceed your maximum number of points allowed to consume and you’re good to go. No that bad, since you’re still getting your favorite meals daily. The downside is that eventually you get tired of putting in points into their application every time before you put something in your mouth and sometimes it might say no! You are done for the day! Which might make you feel frustrated or thinking you would have gladly given up some snack earlier so you could just have this meal right now.

  Jenny Craig is a bit more demanding. Instead of letting you eat whatever you want, they try to teach you how to eat healthy and give up foods that are low in nutrition and are only meant to satisfy your taste buds. Now if you stick to this program, you might find it too difficult to radically change your lifestyle and you might end up going back to your old habits, thinking this program is not for you.

  Nutri System would be one of the more extreme. They give you specific recipes what exactly you need to eat and you have to follow them without improvising. This might be a good alternative for people who like discipline and find it easier to follow strict orders, rather than contemplating about how to plan their meals throughout the day. Although, if you love your chocolate cake and can’t say goodbye to pizza, this diet plan would sound like Mission Impossible.

  I don’t really support weight loss programs, because to my mind the best way to lose weight is to create you own diet plan, which won’t be so painful to follow and you won’t be depriving yourself from the things you love. Remember, if you go on a weight loss program, you would have to follow it for the rest of your life, because if one day you go back to your old eating habits, the pounds, that you put in so much effort to shed, would soon grow back.