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tumblr and thinspo

On tumblr.com there are hundreds or maybe thousands of weight loss blogs. Although the word “blog” might not be the most suitable one. It’s a community of young girls posting pictures of anorexic women or super skinny models in provocative hipster outfits or lingerie. They’re the center of admiration and the ultimate motivation of what a perfect body image should be.

Then there are those acronyms: (SW) starting weights, (CW) current weight, (GW) goal weight, (UGW) ultimate goal weight…

The girls like to make a list of every single thing they eat throughout the day, which is normally followed by misery and guilt saying how they binge/purge and can’t look in the mirror after they’re done. They blame themselves for being weak, ugly and having no friends because of the way they look.

It really breaks my heart to see all the suffering and pain. I just want to tell each and every one of them to stop stressing out so much. It didn’t take one week to gain all that weight, so why should it take a week to lose it? Those sad promises to yourself, that “tomorrow I will change all of my bad habits, start eating healthy and exercising 4 times per week” are unrealistic. No one can change what they’ve been doing for all of their lives in just one day. It takes time, patience, taking small steps, learning what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s all that panic and high expectations that make losing weight into a lifestyle or even the purpose of life. I believe it’s a lot easier if you focus on other things while changing your eating habits. Otherwise you’ll end up sitting at home, looking at the clock and counting down how many hours are left until you lose half a pound. Get out there, find hobbies that help you express yourself. Don’t count your calories, hours, days or pounds. Pretend like you don’t even care and let the results surprise you in a couple of months.