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Choosing the right workout shoes

Choosing the right fitting athletic shoes is essential in order to help your feet reach their full potential, making your workout less painful, less exhausting and sometimes giving you that extra push to make your exercise routine last longer. You can find a different shoe design  for almost every sport, but now I would like to point out what aspects are most important when choosing shoes if you are a regular person, who is into working out at home, at the gym, or just likes running. These are the things you need to pay attention to when picking your shoes:

 -Workout shoes are different from regular shoes because they have a lot more cushioning and support. Choose the shoe, which makes you feel like you’re walking barefoot on a soft mattress.

-Try them on with the same type of sock you wear when working out. Make sure there is about half an inch of free room for your toes, otherwise the shoes will feel too small once you start exercising.

-Lightweight is always the winner. Try holding each one and dismiss the ones that feel like a rock in your hand.

-Flexibility is a must. Hold one shoe between your hands and try to bend it. It should almost fully bend without too much effort.

-There should be a firm grip of the shoe to your heel. Your heel should not slip as you walk or run.

-Walk around the store wearing both shoes to make sure they feel comfy.

 -If you’re down to two pairs and can’t make up your mind, put on one shoe from each pair and jump around on one leg to see which one has better support.

-Even though lightweight is great, many companies, which are trying to make their shoes look really modern, make the material very thin and wobbly. Your foot should feel like it’s glued inside your shoe and not move too much on its own.

-Don’t buy really high platform shoes like shape-ups. They are only meant for walking and might make you twist your ankle while running, jumping or weight lifting.