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8 myths about losing weight

1. I would lose belly fat if I do exercises for abs.

False. You cannot lose weight from a particular body part. Once you improve your diet and start exercising, the weight will come off evenly from the entire body. Sadly so, but it doesn’t store evenly.

2. I overate today, that means I will gain weight.

False. If you’ve been eating properly for weeks and overeat just one day, that won’t change anything. Even if you overeat 1-2 times a month it won’t influence your weight.

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3. If I starve myself for a coupe of days I would lose weight.

False. Your body is made 75% out of water. When you starve yourself for a couple of days, your body only loses water weight, which is very unhealthy and useless. Once you start eating normal again, the weight instantly comes back.

4. I will go on a diet for a while and once I lose enough weight, I will get back to my old eating habits and the weight will stay off.

False. Many people, before going on a diet, don’t think about what will they do after the dieting period is over. Most diets last from 3 days to 2 weeks. After you can’t take anymore of feeling hungry all the time and unhappy because you can’t eat what you love the most, you quit and start eating even more to catch up with what you’ve been missing out on. Diets don’t work and there is no point going on one.

5. If I eat less than usual and don’t exercise I would lose weight.

True. Your weight depends 80% on your eating habits and only 20% on exercise.

6. I would gain weight if I eat fast food and food high in fat.

True and False. To lose weight you need to eat a wide variety of foods every day so your body would get all the vitamins it needs to function properly. You will gain weight is you eat too much of anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s McDonald’s or a low fat turkey sandwich. Eating fast food once in a while won’t make a big difference.

7. I can’t be skinny because I’m big boned.

False. Having big bones is more of an excuse people have to not try to lose weight. If someone calls them fat, they just say “I’m not fat. I’m big boned”. Like Cartman from South Park.

I have an older sister. She is 1/2 inch shorter than me and yet has much smaller feet, hands and narrower shoulders. She just looks small standing next to me. That doesn’t really change much, because we are both very skinny. Even though she has smaller bones, no one would say she is skinnier than me.

Having bigger bones can only make you look more athletic, stronger or taller, but it’s not an excuse to be overweight.

8. Muscle weighs more than fat.

True. Sometimes when you exercise a lot and eat less, you notice that your dress size is getting smaller and clothes more loose, but your weight stays the same or even increases a bit. That can only mean that you lost fat and gained muscle. Although, muscle doesn’t weigh a lot more than fat, so if you gained 10 pounds and don’t feel any smaller or don’t look any more muscular, that most likely isn’t muscle weight.