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Look thinner in one day

When having a full-sized figure it’s not always easy to find what to wear. Looking at fashion magazines can only make you more confused because what looks good on others might not necessarily fit you. Here are some simple tricks that will instantly make you shed those pounds without shedding weight.

Shapes & Sizes

Find the right size. Clothes that are too tight will only highlight your imperfections, while too loose baggy clothes will make you look bigger than you actually are. The perfect size would be the one that is slightly loose and doesn’t interfere with your movements or in other words, one size bigger than the one that felt almost right but fit your body like a glove.

Avoid wearing short sleeves that end on the top of your shoulder and sleeveless shirts. This will only make your arms look bigger and make you seem butch.

When going out in a skirt or shorts, don’t wear mid-length socks that end in the middle of your calf or your legs will look bulky. The shorter socks you wear, the longer your legs will appear.


Wear mid-rise pants. High-rise pants might flatter your waist, but thet will make your butt look two times the size, while low-rise pants create a muffin top.

When choosing jeans, go for the boot cut style. It will lengthen and slim down your legs. Skinny jeans create and upside down triangle effect, which makes hips look wider.

Don’t wear Capris or pants that are slightly too short, because they will visually shorten your legs.

Colors & Patterns

Horizontal stripes make you look wider, while vertical stripes give you extra height and make you seem taller.

The most slimming color is black. It instantly takes off at least 5 pounds, while white color adds extra weight.

Other Tips

Wear big accessories, such as handbags, scarves, earrings, bracelets etc. They will make you look smaller.

Even the lowest heels/platforms will visually lengthen your legs and lift up your butt, making it rounder.

Practice good posture. Pull back your shoulders, suck in your gut, look forward instead of looking down and you’ll instantly look 2-3 inches taller and 10 pounds slimmer.