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Don’t underestimate protein shakes

    I have three male friends: Eddy, Jay and Dale, who have been drinking protein shakes but are getting very different results. Eddy works out at the gym at least 5 days a week. He also plays basketball pretty often. At the gym this guy likes to do everything from cardio to lifting heavy weights and he really enjoys it. Eddy drinks protein shakes before every workout. He also takes food seriously. Every time I come by his house and say “Hey, Eddy what’s cooking?”, his answer is usually “Chicken breast with veggies and rice.” He could eat the same dish for days, along with other foods high in protein. That’s why he’s very well built, body toned and cut. Since he takes protein shakes, that gives him extra muscle mass. In football terms I would compare him to a wide receiver. Keep up the good work Eddy!

  My friend Jay would be more like an offensive lineman. He’s very big and muscular, but has more body mass than he would like. He drinks protein shakes before every workout and also in the morning with his breakfast. He doesn’t have a strict diet, but tries to exclude any kind of fat from his meals not really paying attention to other important aspects. Jay goes to the gym almost every day. He doesn’t do any cardio, but spends his time around a lot of weights, which he can barely lift. Because of the combination of overdose of protein shakes, no cardio and lifting too heavy weights, he can never get his body to be cut. Jay grows in mass, but keeps looking a bit like a blown up balloon.

  Dale is a whole different story. He’s a good old American boy who can’t resist eating burgers and pizza while playing beer pong with his buddies. Since I’ve compared the other two guys’ physiques to football players, I guess this one would be the coach. If Dale could “talk that food talk”, he would go into a restaurant and just say “Carb me, baby!” Even though he loves bread, this guy really wants to lose weight and build some muscle. That’s why he started running on the beach and taking protein shakes. He might go to the gym once in a while, but that doesn’t happen on a regular day basis. Dale thinks the protein shakes that body builders use are some kind of magical supplements, which burn body fat and instantly turn it to muscle. What he doesn’t know is that if you drink the shakes without working out a whole lot, they might turn you into a big flabby monster like Jabba the Hutt.

  Now I’m not talking about those diet shakes like “Slim Fast” which you are suppose to take with or instead of your meals. I’m talking about the protein shakes that athletes use to build muscle mass. Protein to a muscle is like a brick to a house. That’s what it’s made of and that’s the only way to build it. Now if you just throw a bunch of bricks into a pile, there won’t be any house, but the bricks won’t go anywhere. They will still be uselessly taking up your lot space. Just like protein without working out will pile on your body as a big layer of fat.