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Fat does not make you fat, carbs do

 Don’t be fooled by products that have labels on the saying they have “low fat” “gluten free” “low sodium” “low carbs”. Low or free of anything for that matter. These are just marketing schemes meant to make a consumer think he’s eating healthier or just to have an excuse to eat something he shouldn’t be eating. I do agree that it’s good when the product has less sugar, but the writing on the box doesn’t mean it’s any better than similar treat brands. You have to ask yourself what does it mean by “less”? Less than what? Less than the leading brand? What if you buy a brand that is not that popular? Does that mean it might have 4 times less sugar even thought it doesn’t have a flashy label on it? This is all a bunch of BS. Do not ever buy anything based on a label saying it has “less” or “lower” of something.

The most confusing label of all is the “fat free” label. Most people don’t even realize that fat itself doesn’t make you fat, but carbohydrates do. Carbs are the main energy source for a human body. They take long to digest and if you are not an athlete or don’t spend long hours at the gym, that means you don’t really need much of them. If you don’t use the energy that the carbs give you, they eventually turn into fat and settle on your body. You should consume a minimal amount if you don’t lead an active lifestyle and if you spend most of your time working at a desk.