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Activate your taste buds

It is a fact, that every human being has to eat and that for most people it is a pleasure. Eating is one of the most easily obtained pleasures, that’s why it is often abused. The more food you consume daily, the less you appreciate it. Same as with drugs. The more you use them, the less you feel pleasure from a low dose, and that’s how people go from smoking weed to injecting heroine.

Overweight people only feel pleasure in bold tastes, such as thick sauces, meat covered in grease or cheese, salty potato chips with dippings or chocolate cake with whipped cream. Bold tastes are usually low in nutrition and very fattening. If you tell an obese person that plain grilled salmon with steamed veggies could taste just as good or even better, that person would probably stick out their tongue and frown in disgust.

When you only eat foods that have strong taste and low nutrition, it eventually becomes a habit and you limit yourself to certain types of meals. When you go through a menu at a restaurant, you usually look for certain ingredients, which you know would satisfy you. A person with developed taste buds could eat most of the things on the menu and feel satisfied (unless it’s a greasy burger and pizza joint). Such a person would want to try out different foods every time instead of going for the fatty ingredients.

To activate your taste buds you need to start eating plain food. Try to eat any meat, fish or poultry you like, without using anything but seasonings. Do some research on the internet to find out what seasonings are suitable for a particular meat. Add any kind of fresh or steamed veggies you like to your dish. At first it will taste too plain, like chewing on a piece of paper. That’s because the taste buds on your tongue are so numb that they don’t recognize certain flavors and just ignore them. A while ago, I used to eat all my meals with no seasonings at all. I still remember the taste in my mouth. I did it for months and really got used to it. Now I am so advanced, that I could just boil a couple of chicken drum sticks in water and really enjoy eating them. I even got used to drinking tea and coffee without any sugar and now I couldn’t drink it with sugar even if I wanted to, because all I would be able to taste is the sweetness, and for me it would feel the same as if I would be putting spoons of sugar straight into my mouth.

Once your learn the true flavors of foods you haven’t noticed before, you will start enjoying your meals even more and will feel satisfied and full a lot faster.