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Don’t drink calories

A lot of people trying to lose weight only concentrate on the calories they are getting from food, while completely ignoring all beverages. Just because it’s liquid, it doesn’t mean it won’t count.

People have the wrong perception that fruit juice is healthy. It is quite the opposite. Sometimes there’s more sugar in a glass of juice than in a candy bar. If you’re trying to get that extra dose of vitamins, then just eat the fruit. Eating an apple or an orange will be much more nutritious and filling than any drink.

Sodas are another issue. If you can’t give them up, then try to find a diet version of your favorite flavor. It will save you hundreds of calories daily. Replace Coke with Diet Coke, Sprite with Sprite Zero, Fanta with Diet Sunkist etc.

The best drink of them all is ofcourse water. You should drink as much water as you can. ½ gallon (2 liters) every day would be perfect. Without drinking enough water you can’t lose weight. If you just hate the plain taste, try adding something to it. Squeeze in a lemon or some other fruit that you like. I even recommend to carry a bottle around with you, wherever you go and take a sip once in a while throughout the day. That will get you “hooked” fast. You don’t even have to keep dragging home those 12 packs of little bottles from the store all the time. Get a Brita filter for your home and some bottles for refills to take with you, so you could enjoy fresh clean water at any time.