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The truth about exercise

Exercise is a good way to make you feel stronger, more fit and energetic, but is it always good for weight loss? There are different types of exercises. Ones that you do slowly, at your own pace and don’t really work up a sweat, and others, that make your heart beat very fast, make you drip with sweat and feel exhausted after you’re done. So which type is the right one for a person trying to lose weight?

It all depends on your weight and fitness level. If you are a person, who is very heavy and not really familiar with working out, then all you need to do is “move“. By that I mean you need to get yourself into any kind of activity that involves physical movement. Go for a long walk outside, play catch with your kids or ride a bicycle. Whatever you do, don’t start of with going straight to the gym and lifting weights. You might damage your health and demotivate your effort very quickly. Remember, the bigger you are, the less effort you need to burn calories. Now if you are just a bit chunky or you managed to lose so much weight, that you feel it’s time for a bigger challenge, go ahead and sign up for the gym. A lot of people have the wrong impression, that using machines at the gym will make you build muscle and make you skinny. This is so false. Heavy weights and machinery are good to help you build muscle only once you‘ve lost weight. Muscle tends to build under your fat, which is the surface covering your muscle. You can work on those abs all you want, but they will never see broad daylight until you get rid of the fat cover. It might end up even worse. If you lift a lot of weights, that are too heavy for you, you get a lot bigger in mass, but because the muscle tissue is underneath, you will end up looking like a blown up balloon and not getting any closer to being skinny. The best solution is doing exercises that don’t require any machinery. Once again, it’s all about the move. Jump rope, punching bag, stretch rope, running, push-ups, squats, sit-ups, these are the examples of the greatest calories burning exercises there is. It’s always better to do exercises where you use your body mass instead of actual weights. Look up videos on YouTube with exercises that you could do even in your own home. If you’re just starting out, it would be for the best if you consult a personal trainer to show you how to do the exercises correctly.