Skinny girl’s eating habits

You might have read my posts where I say exercise like this… and don’t eat that… but what you are probably wondering is what is it that I eat every day.

I have this routine, where once a month I go to Walmart to stock up. They have good prices and a wide selection. I cook 4-5 times a week, that’s why I need a lot of different ingredients.

Most of my purchases are from the raw meat section. From there I get ground turkey, turkey drumsticks, turkey sausages, pork chops, ground beef, steak, chicken breasts, chicken thighs/drumsticks.

I also get a lot of frozen fish (straight up frozen, not processed), such as salmon, whitting, grouper, flounder, snapper and cod.

I’m a big fan of vegetables, that’s why I get bell peppers, carrots, onions, garlic, arugula, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and radishes.

I’m not a health freak and I do eat candy. I always get a dozen of chocolate covered doughnuts or some éclairs and a lot of chocolate bars. Sometimes I throw in a bag of chips for my salty cravings.

My other purchases include rice, macaroni, milk, cereal, whole wheat bread and boiled turkey breast (for sandwiches), butter and some canned veggies (baked beans, peas, corn, green beans). Canned veggies come in handy when you run out or don’t have time to buy fresh ones.

I come from a country where processed foods are considered the most disgusting thing you can eat. Doesn’t matter if you’re rich or very poor, no one would give their child a prepared meal that comes from a frozen box. The rule is, if you can make it yourself, don’t buy it pre-made. I also like to joke that “cheese is the devil”. You shouldn’t use cheese as a sauce, as in melt it on food. That would mess up your digestion and make you feel stuffed and grose. Put a slice on your sandwich, but don’t cover your chicken with it.

So basically that’s it. I just get a big stack of meats, combine them with veggies and enjoy my homemade dinners. Since raw meet doesn’t stay fresh for more than a couple of days, I buy big packages, divide them into portions, put them into ziplock bags and then the freezer. It’s so much healthier to freeze raw meat than buy a frozen dinner that has a ton of chemicals and preservatives. Every morning I take out of the freezer whatever I feel like eating that day. It defrosts by the time I’m ready to cook. Frozen meat stays good for months.

I have my own recipes, but once in a while I try to make something new. There are cool websites where you put in what ingredients you have and they give you the recipes based on that, such as: Supercook, RecipePuppy, RecipeMatcher, CookThing, etc.

On the weekends I take time off from cooking and go eat at restaurants. I mostly preffer sushi and Asian cuisine. Fish is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat.

What are your thoughts?