hey :) so i once fat i did a diet …a healthy diet…lost about 10 kg…i exercise alot!but sometimes i get lazy and dont..:/ anyways i wanna lose more wieght jus about 4 more killos and im doing what ive always did like eatimg less working out health food…and its soooo much harder than it used to be and i cant lose wieght!! help!plz some advices would help me a lot! (btw im 157 cm, 56 kg) your awesome thnx :)xxxxx

I know how you feel. The last 4-5kg are always the hardest to lose, because the bigger you are, the more calories you burn when exercising. Whatever you do, don’t think of starving yourself because the results never last for too long anyway.

What I would suggest is eating every couple of hours or at least 5 times a day but in very small portions, like a half of a sandwich, two bananas, a small piece of fish with some veggies, etc. To make it even easier, just cut what you normally eat in half and eat it throughout the day instead of just having two big meals that make you feel really full.


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