What’s your workout routine to get those abs? I’ve had three kids and hate my pouch. -Sam

Hi Sam,

It’s not possible to lose weight from a particular body part. Weight comes off evenly from the entire body. Sadly so, but it doesn’t store evenly. To make you stomach smaller you would have to get your entire body into shape. Cardio exercises such as jump rope, running, swimming and bike riding are most effective when it comes to losing weight. If you would only do exercises for abs, your muscles would become strong and tight, but you would never be able to see them because of the fat layer on top of them.

The extra layer on your stomach could also just be excess skin in which case it would not be possible to bring it back into shape without surgery.

I don’t really have an exercise routine. I try to change it up every other month. I usually look up exercises on YouTube and do them for a month or two until they become too easy. Any exercise works great as long as you have to struggle to do it, but like I mentioned before, it’s important to do a lot of cardio workouts to get rid of the extra layer of fat before doing any muscle building exercises. Eating more fruit and vegetables would help as well.

Let me know if you have more questions.


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