HI! I just wanted to ask, is there anything I can do about my excess butt fat? I’ve been working out a lot and eating really well and the generic advice just doesn’t seem to do me good. I’m really short, like 5″1, and my upper body is perfect. My waist is only 23.5 inches but my butt and my thighs are like freaking huge. It has been my concern for quite a few years and sometimes it brings me to tears when I look at my rear because it looks like a grandma’s. -Jayden

Hi Jayden,

I’m sorry to say this, but you cannot lose weight from a particular spot. Weight comes off evenly from the entire body. Too bad it doesn’t store evenly. Every person has a problem area that’s hard to slim down.

Although it sounds like you have a very feminine curvy figure. I don’t think you should stress about it too much. Many people find such body type a lot more appealing than a boyish stick figure. You should embrace it. My advice would be to do some squats, lunges and other exercises that would help you tone you butt and thighs. You should do them almost every day at home or at the gym. Look up some workout videos on YouTube for your problem areas.


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