I’m just wondering what you eat exactly to keep your figure small? I eat clean and only eat 1200-1500 calories a day. no sugar and I exerscise twice a day but cant seem to lose the 3 kg I wish to lose. currently I am 60kg and wish to be 57. my height is 5ft7. -Tania

Hi Tania,

Even though I gain weight very easily, the thing is that I still eat whatever I want. What I always tell people is that it doesn’t really matter what you eat, it’s all about how much you eat. There’s nothing wrong with eating chocolate or a doughnut, as long as you only eat one and not 3 or 5. Even if you do it every day, that won’t make you any bigger.

If you’re still interested in what I eat exactly, you’ll find your answer in my post Skinny Girl’s Eating Habits.

When you’re already skinny, losing the last few kilograms is always the hardest. You can either do it by frequently doing cardio exercises or you can eat in smaller portions than you do now, but eat more often. Every time you eat something, your body only takes what’s necessary to keep you energized and the rest turns straight into fat for future use. Everyone has different needs based on their lifestyle. If you can figure out the system and determine how to give your body the exact amount or a bit less of food it needs and not feel like you’re starving yourself at the same time, then you will have no problems with losing the last 3kg. Try experimenting with different portion sizes. Eat slowly and experiment with how little you can actually eat without feeling hungry.


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