I am so so so bad at keeping away from carbs. I eat all my fruits and veg, drink 150 ounces of water, but in th evenings all I want is carbs. oats, potatoes, bread. HOW DO I STOP THAT?

This usually happens when people don’t eat enough throughout the day. If you’re trying to lose weight and you’re eating light and as little as possible, then when the evening comes your body feels so exhausted from almost starving all day, making it difficult to resist foods high in energy (carbs). You need to start decreasing your meals late into the day and start all over the next morning. Have a big breakfast full of carbs, and then eat a bit less during lunch and barely anything for dinner.

Since you only need lots of energy during the day and very little before and during bed time, your body won’t feel like it needs that extra fuel to keep you going and your cravings for carbs should stop.

The best time to do all the snacking and heavy eating is in the morning, because you burn through those calories throughout the day anyway.


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