When is the best time to eat before and after a work-out and what should I eat before/after a work out (I’m also a pescetarian).

If you’re having a big, filling meal, then you should wait about 2 hours before working out. If it’s a small meal, then an hour. The key is to find the right time between meals when you neither feel hungry, nor stuffed.

If you go work out with a full stomach, all the energy will be directed towards digesting food instead of burning fat and building muscle. You might also get side or stomach pains.

If you work out on a empty stomach, you would most likely feel light-headed and have no energy.

If you’re trying to build muscle, then the best thing to eat before a workout is food high in protein, such as egg whites, cottage cheese, fish, edamame, milk etc.

It doesn’t matter that much what you eat after exercising. After a good workout your metabolism speeds up for the next couple of hours anyway. Just make sure not to overeat.


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