hey, i was just lookin’ at your blog here and noticed that in one of the answers you said, ” It’s all about how much you eat and not what you eat.” could you elaborate here? i definitely disagree. while caloric intake does of course play a part in weight loss, 1200 a day from fried foods and sugary drinks will not give you the same result as 1200 of protein and veggies. thoughts? thanks :)

Yes, it won’t give you the same results in terms of health. I’m not saying that eating healthy won’t get you anywhere. In order to lose weight all you need to do is eat less. Eating healthy would make you feel like you have more energy, it would prevent a lot of diseases, your face would be glowing, you would have strong hair and nails etc., but you could still be overweight or even obese.

The best combination would be to eat less and eat healthy, but my point is that you could eat McDonald’s every day and still lose weight, even if you don’t feel so good after doing it. Society tends to blame fast food for being overweight, but they are the ones who shove enormous amounts of it into their mouths.

For some people it’s easier to lose weight eating healthy because when your body gets all the vitamins it needs, it doesn’t make you crave random greasy or sugary foods to make up for it. For others it’s not that easy to give up on all the things they love the most, which can eventually become a real torture and a feeling of being anti-social when everyone around you is eating tasty snacks making you the only one left out.

I couldn’t live without vegetables, but I don’t always eat healthy myself. I love McDonald’s, cream filled doughnuts from Krispy Kreme and I’m in great shape! Sometimes people are just too hard on themselves. It’s always all or nothing. That’s why over 90% fail.


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