Hey there – I love your blog and you’ve inspired me to work out a lot more :D I was just wondering if you could give me some advice. I’m a boxer and normally I train 3-4 times a week, but as I’m going back to school I won’t be able to go to training as much as I’d like, and I’ll have less time to do any exercise full stop. I’m trying to put together a short workout that I can do in the mornings before school – any advice on what moves I should do, and how many sets/reps? Thanks :)

Wow a boxer. Pretty cool 🙂 Jump rope sound like a perfect fit for you, since it’s the best cardio workout out there (along with swimming). Also because you need to do a lot of jumping in place and have good stamina in boxing. So I would advise to do 10-15 minutes of rope jumping every morning. Assuming you already are in good physical shape, you should do sit-ups where you hold your legs and arms straight and try to reach your toes with your fingers. Try to do two sets of 12-17 reps. then two sets of push-ups (as many reps as you can) and 2 sets of lunges with 17 reps. If you feel it’s too easy and you can do a lot more than 17, then you should use some weights. The rule applies to any exercise. If you can do more than 17 reps, then weights should be added for resistance.

This concludes the short morning workout.

If you don’t have any weights, check out my post on how to make your own weights at home.


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