Make your own weights at home

To get a toned body the best exercises are when you’re using your own weight for resistance, such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc., and for weight loss nothing beats a good cardio workout. If you feel like you want to get that extra muscle mass, there is no necessity to get a gym membership. Training weights can be made at your own home and with little expense. Just find some (or buy at a store) different size bottles lying around the house.

-For really small weights you can use unopened soup/vegetable cans.

-To go a bit bigger, take a 0.5 liter plastic soda bottle and fill it up with water. The larger the bottle, the bigger the weight.

-To make a kettle ball, use a 2 gallon/4 liter milk jug or detergent jug. If filling bottles with water doesn’t make a heavy enough weight, then try sand or rocks instead. 2 gallons of water weigh about 8 pounds.

-To make a medicine ball, buy a cheap basketball. You can get one for about 5$ at chain stores like Walmart or Target. Cut a hole in the ball and fill it up with sand. Then tape the hole and the entire ball with gorilla tape, which costs around 8$. Put a lot of tape on the ball, so that the sand wouldn’t spill and the ball wouldn’t tear. Now you have yourself a 12-13 pound medicine ball.

What are your thoughts?