Eat a wide variety of foods every day

You should see your stomach as a little kid, who is crying because he wants his favorite toy and no matter what you do, he will continue crying until he gets it. The key to losing weight is giving your body all the vitamins and nutrients it needs, so your stomach would feel satisfied and stop asking for more food.

Foods that your body desperately needs to feel satisfied are :

+ vegetables
+ fruit
+ meats
+ carbs (rice, pasta)
+ 3 taste groups : sour, sweet, salty (spicy if you like it)

There are foods that are very high in calories and only make your stomach numb. Meaning no matter how much you eat it you still feel hungry, even when there’s no more room in your stomach. This gives you the feeling of being stuffed and hungry at the same time:

- cheese
- bread
- peanuts

Every day you have to think of what have you eaten yesterday and that today you need to eat something different. For example, if you ate fish yesterday for dinner, then today you should eat steak with veggies. Once you get your vitamins for the day, your stomach will stop complaining and let you move on to other important things.

This strategy takes time. It will take a while for your body to get accustomed to such a routine. It’s not used to you listening to its needs, that’s why it stopped asking you for anything long time ago and just let your addiction to useless numbing foods take over. Keep doing it day after day and soon you will not only see results, but you will feel more energy flowing in and an enthusiasm to be less lazy and do more things throughout the day.

What are your thoughts?