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Juice bars are scamming you

After a long hard workout, or in the middle of a hot summer day, you decide to get something refreshing and healthy, so you stop by at a local Juice Bar. Little do you know, that the top dollar you’re spending on a smoothie, is actually paying for a regular grocery store liquid from a carton.

I personally own my own juicer and make smoothies from the comfort of my own home. A while ago, I was hanging out with a friend and he asked me to come with him to a very well known Juice Bar chain store. When I walked in, the place looked clean and there was a long line of thirsty customers, anxiously waiting to be refreshed by a mixture of their favorite fruits and vegetables.

I looked around and the only fresh produce I could see was a few bananas and some oranges. It seemed that these fruits served more like counter top decorations than selling items. On the walls, there was a long list of smoothie options to choose from, with all the ingredients stated under the names of the beverages. On that list were strawberries, blueberries, kale, ginger, pineapple and almost every other fruit and vegetable you could think of. Sadly, what I saw next shocked me beyond belief.

Once my friend ordered a smoothie, I watched the girl make it. She started pulling things from under the counter. The first thing she got was a paper carton, which had pink liquid in it. I believe that counted as “strawberries”. Then she pulled out a bag with white pounder. I asked her what that was and she said it was ginger powder. Next substance was all mushy and thick, which was equivalent to “fresh apples”. After that, the juice girl poured some frozen blueberries that she got from a bag in the freezer. I can’t recall what else was in the smoothie, but I didn’t see a single fresh ingredient going into that drink. I asked my friend is this is normal for a juice bar and he said yes, all of them do it this way!

At that moment my mind was completely blown. How are all these people seeing nothing but artificial processed ingredients going into their drink and don’t even question it? They’re paying 6, 7, 8 or more dollars for a small glass of juice that doesn’t have a single fruit in it. I stayed a bit longer and watched other customer’s orders getting fulfilled. After 5 orders I did see a full size banana and an orange go in to a few drinks, but that was it.

Later that week I decided to pay a visit to 3 other nationwide popular Juice Bars. Alas, the experience was the same.

If you’re one who likes to enjoy freshly squeezed juice, my advice to you would be to look around first. A real Juice Bar will have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables out on display under a glass cover, or in see-through containers.

Whole Foods Juice Bar

Whole Foods Juice Bar

Later on, I did find that Whole Foods has all fresh ingredients, (except for coconut water, which is not easy to serve fresh anyway). If you walk in and all you see are a couple of fruit props and the rest is nothing but a bunch of powders and pre-made mysterious liquids, save your money and get the heck out of that nasty place!

The Vegetable Antidote

Hearing the word antidote makes you instantly think of a remedy for some kind of poisoning. When you think about it, food can be either your best source of energy and good health or it can be your worst poison, slowly killing you day by day.

People say that to change a habit you need to have some kind of special thought in your head. A thought that would help you follow your goal and check if you’re still on the right track. I came up with this game for people who are trying to change their eating habits for the better.

Now you should think of all of the food as your poison, except for vegetables, which will be your antidote. Every time you eat a main course consisting of chicken, turkey, pasta, beef, fish, rice etc. you will need to eat at least one vegetable (potatoes don’t count) to save you from poisoning yourself.

This game might sound a bit ridiculous at first, but the truth is that vegetables are at the second level of the healthy food pyramid. Foods high in carbohydrates will always be at the bottom, because they are our main energy source, while fruit and vegetables provide most of the necessary vitamins and become significant helpers with digesting the heavy carbs. They are one of the most essential things your body needs. Without eating vegetables, most of the time you will feel sluggish, tired for no reason, sleepy, depressed and not wanting to do anything, or maybe even sick. So this game could turn out to be more serious and realistic than you might think. Vegetables help with balancing out our digestive system and even our mental health. Despite that carbs are a source of energy, they are also the number one thing that makes you gain weight when consumed in large amounts.

Healthy foods that are not healthy

You can’t go wrong when picking a fruit or vegetable. All of them are healthy and nutritious. This applies to any other food, which comes straight from nature in its natural, unaltered form. It’s those “fancy” modern day health kick “super foods” that you should be worried about. Marketing strategies have brainwashed the human race into adapting the new definition of healthy, so that our conscience would no longer be in the way of feeling guilt when buying something fattening or low in nutrition. Please let me stop your shopping cart for a minute, so you could rethink the decisions that seemed so innocent and obvious for so long.

Grocery Store Juice. While fruit and vegetable juice is a great source of all kinds of vitamins, this only applies if it’s freshly squeezed. The juice that comes in plastic/glass bottles and cans and is sold in grocery stores all over the country is anything but healthy. It usually has the amount of sugar equal or higher than a chocolate candy bar. While freshly squeezed juice would go bad in one or two days, the pre-packed one has so many preservatives that it usually can stay good for up to a month or longer. Do yourself and your family a favor and buy a juicer machine. That way you can have fresh juice every day with no health risks.

Rice Cakes are normally low fat, low cholesterol and almost tasteless, so they must be good for you, right? After all, one lightly salted, large-sized cake contains a mere 40 to 50 calories. The truth is that they don’t contain much nutrition either. Even those that boast whole grains typically remove the germ, one of the more nutritious parts of a whole grain kernel.

Multi Grain & Wheat Bread. ‘Multi grain’, ‘7 grain’, and ‘wheat’ all sound healthy, but those are the terms to describe bread, which does not have the nutritional benefits of whole grain bread and is made by using refined grains. Read the label before buying. If the first flour in the ingredient list is refined (it will typically say “bleached” or “unbleached enriched wheat flour”) you are not getting a 100% whole-grain bread.

Frozen Yogurts have become a booming success and overtaken the hearts of many dieters. It’s the new guilt-free version of our beloved ice-cream. Alas, not all frozen yogurts are the same. Some contain live, active cultures that are good for our digestion, while others do not. Unless labeled fat-free, many frozen yogurts contain nearly the same amount of fat as a reduced-fat ice cream, as well as the same number of calories, so if you were buying it mostly for health purposes, you might as well go ahead and eat some cookies instead.

Tea Drinks aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. Tea has been praised for its antioxidant contents, which help fight illnesses and maintain a strong immune system, as well as reduce the risk or heart disease, growth of cancer cells and stroke. Tea drinks are not the same as brewed tea leaves. Many bottled varieties contain little brewed tea, but as much added sugars as regular soda. All bottled tea beverages also have fewer antioxidants than brewed teas. Most are made from concentrates or essences, and a lack of the well-know health benefits of brewed tea.

granola bar

Energy/Granola Bars are know as the ultimate healthy replacement for those who cannot resist snacking and eating sweets. They’re filled with nuts, dried fruit, oats and all that other good stuff. The reality is that most granola bars are jam-packed with highly processed or artificial ingredients and are dipped in sugary syrups. They are nothing more than a rich man’s candy bar.

Look thinner in one day

When having a full-sized figure it’s not always easy to find what to wear. Looking at fashion magazines can only make you more confused because what looks good on others might not necessarily fit you. Here are some simple tricks that will instantly make you shed those pounds without shedding weight.

Shapes & Sizes

Find the right size. Clothes that are too tight will only highlight your imperfections, while too loose baggy clothes will make you look bigger than you actually are. The perfect size would be the one that is slightly loose and doesn’t interfere with your movements or in other words, one size bigger than the one that felt almost right but fit your body like a glove.

Avoid wearing short sleeves that end on the top of your shoulder and sleeveless shirts. This will only make your arms look bigger and make you seem butch.

When going out in a skirt or shorts, don’t wear mid-length socks that end in the middle of your calf or your legs will look bulky. The shorter socks you wear, the longer your legs will appear.


Wear mid-rise pants. High-rise pants might flatter your waist, but thet will make your butt look two times the size, while low-rise pants create a muffin top.

When choosing jeans, go for the boot cut style. It will lengthen and slim down your legs. Skinny jeans create and upside down triangle effect, which makes hips look wider.

Don’t wear Capris or pants that are slightly too short, because they will visually shorten your legs.

Colors & Patterns

Horizontal stripes make you look wider, while vertical stripes give you extra height and make you seem taller.

The most slimming color is black. It instantly takes off at least 5 pounds, while white color adds extra weight.

Other Tips

Wear big accessories, such as handbags, scarves, earrings, bracelets etc. They will make you look smaller.

Even the lowest heels/platforms will visually lengthen your legs and lift up your butt, making it rounder.

Practice good posture. Pull back your shoulders, suck in your gut, look forward instead of looking down and you’ll instantly look 2-3 inches taller and 10 pounds slimmer.